Ella is het populairste heuvelstation van Sri Lanka. Het is de ideale plek om even te ontsnappen aan uw reisschema en een paar ontspannende dagen te plannen.

That’s fine in Ella, with some of the best hotels in the country and spectacular views. The nature around Ella is fairytale-like!

Ella is an old Hill Station Ella is located in the south of the Uva province and is one of the most beautiful destinations in Sri Lanka. It is a typical hill station with English architecture and a cool climate.

The area is surrounded by green hills and tea plantations. This is the place to be for nature walks. Nowadays Ella is always on the route through Sri Lanka. That’s why it’s getting busier and busier in recent years. This is clearly noticeable in the developments in the town. That does not alter the fact that it is still very pleasant here.

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