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Health information


Information about required vaccinations or other prevention means is highly subject to change. For up-to-date information we refer you to the GGD (For the Netherlands vaccination line 0900-202 55 05), your doctor and various information lines, such as the National Travel Advice Coordination Center.

Medical care / medicines

If you use certain medicines regularly, take enough supplies with you. Have your doctor write down the name in English. If you use opium-containing medicines, you must have a doctor’s statement written in English. Even if your medical situation requires special attention, it is advisable to bring an English letter from your doctor.



Good insurance with extensive (foreign) coverage can save you a lot of unnecessary costs and misery in the event of damage, injury or illness. That is why we advise you to take out a good trip (luggage), accident, health insurance and cancellation insurance. Also pay attention to whether the travel insurance covers damage in the event of an emergency.

Arrival at the airport


Force majeure, such as crowds in the airspace, strikes (including public transport) or extreme weather conditions, volcanic eruptions, closing the airspace by the government, can cause delays. If such (public) transport is not possible due to such delays in the outward or return journeys, we are not liable for the resulting costs. If delays, a late departure flight or a canceled flight cause you not to arrive at the airport on time for a tour / transfer, the resulting costs will be for your account. There is also a chance that the travel time must be adjusted. Inform us as soon as possible if such an event has taken place.



The description of the accommodations in the travel offer is prepared as objectively as possible. Unless stated otherwise, we cannot make any representations about the view and location of your accommodation. Especially in urban areas it can happen that there is no clear view.

Checking in and out

You can usually check in from 3 pm unless otherwise stated in the travel documents. It is an international rule that hotel rooms, apartments and / or cabins must be vacated between 10 a.m. and noon on the day of departure, unless otherwise stated in the travel documents or indicated on the spot by the accommodation provider. At this time, the right to any food and drink care will also lapse. With later flights there is the possibility to keep the accommodation longer, but usually there are costs involved.


The published images only give an impression of the accommodation or environment. Not every accommodation / room is the same in terms of size, layout and view. As a result, it may occur that the room obtained on site differs from the published images. Any errors in the published information and / or prices are communicated when booking. Obvious errors and mistakes in our publications do not bind us.


All accommodation hotels are regularly visited and checked. The available facilities are accurately stated. However, after the production of this information, minor changes to the provisions may occur. If the number of guests is too small, the hotels reserve the right to temporarily close some of the facilities listed in the descriptions. Not all facilities are always free.

Construction and maintenance work

During your stay it may occur that necessary maintenance work or construction activities are being carried out in the immediate vicinity of your accommodation. We ask for your understanding.

Traveler liability

You must use and maintain your accommodation “as a good family man” and according to destination. You are liable for all loss of and / or damage to the accommodation and / or inventory, unless this damage and / or loss is not your fault or is at your expense. If you or persons for whom you are responsible behave in such a way that damage is caused, do not adhere to the house rules of the accommodation provider or transporter, hinder third parties in the enjoyment of their journey, or cause nuisance, then we reserve the accommodation providers or carriers reserve the right to deny you access to your accommodation or the means of transport or to have them removed from you. Moreover, in that case we can cancel the travel agreement concluded with you due to serious circumstances. We cannot be held liable for the acts or omissions of other guests.


Program changes

We reserve the right to change content programs due to travel technical reasons. The distances / travel times stated depend on local circumstances.

mobile phone number

When making your booking you will be asked for your mobile phone number. In the event of an emergency, we can reach you quickly. If we cannot reach you in such a case, because you have not provided a mobile number, this is incorrect or if your telephone is switched off, this is entirely at your risk.

Force majeure

We are not liable if your tour does not meet the expectations that you have, if this is caused by force majeure. You can think of all the circumstances that we have no influence on and that cannot reasonably be attributed to us. Examples of this are: traffic on the road, strikes or weather conditions.

Complaints before, during or after the trip

It may happen that a shortcoming in the performance of the travel agreement is found during the trip or at the destination. Please report this to our local representative as soon as possible on the spot, so that a solution can be found to ensure that the remaining part of your journey takes place satisfactorily. If the shortcoming is not resolved satisfactorily, we must be contacted immediately by telephone. If a shortcoming during the trip has not been eliminated or in your opinion gives rise to a complaint upon returning home, you can submit this to us in writing or by e-mail. A complaint must be submitted with reasons within two months of the end of the trip. If this period is exceeded, we reserve the right not to handle the complaint.

Privacy law

We treat your data with care and comply with the Personal Data Protection Act. Your data is covered by the Personal Data Protection Act (WPB). The WPB provides rules for protecting the privacy of citizens. Your data will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances. For the purpose of booking the accommodations and car / driver, only your name will be passed on to the relevant supplier (s).

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